We have two subdivisions to control our product and production process quality. The first is Quality Control (QC), where our staff inspect the product in each production process. The second subdivision is Quality Assurance (QA), where our staff test the product properties and performance with methods and instruments in compliance to international standards.

2002 : SGS (UK) for Supplier Accreditation Scheme
2002 : Tesco (UK) for Quality & Standards
2002 : BVQI (Thailand) for Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code (ETI)
2003 : ISO 9001:2000 Certificate by United Registrar of Systems (Thailand) Limited
2004 : BRC Global Standard Consumer Products (BRC/CP) Certificate by SGS (UK)
2005 : SGS (Thailand) for ETI/Vendor Code of Conduct
2006 : Implement GMP Program
2007 : Implement Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
2009 : C-TPAT (Customer Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) by U.S. customs
2009 : ISO 9001:2008
2009 : OHSAS 18000
2009 : Lean Manufacturing
2009 : Wal-Mart Ethical Standard (ES) and 94% Global Security Verification (GSV)
2009 :
Wal-Mart Factory Capability and Capacity Assessment (FCCA) Top score: KPI 95%, KB 97.9%
2010 : Implement Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
2010 : Implement OHSAS 18001:2007
2010 : Implement Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
2010 :
Implement Integrated Productivity Improvement Project (IPIP)
2011 : Factory Social & Technical Factory Audit ; Accredited by Carrefour Global Sourcing
2011 : Wal-Mart Ethical Standard (ES) Green Assessment Verification                                                                                          
2011 : Factory Security - Wal-Mart Supply chain security program that uses the U.S Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) 95% Risk Rating Low
2011 : Wal-Mart Factory Capability & Capacity Assessment (FCCA) both KPI & KB score : 96.5%
2011 : WQA of Woolworths Quality Assurance Standard for the Homebrand Product by SGS (Thailand)
2011 : Office Depot-Factory Quality Audit (FQA) Accredited by ODGSO- Office Depot Factory Quality Assessment
2011 : Office Depot Supplier Guiding Principles (General Ethical Compliance)
2011 : AEON Quality of Process Control by AEON's QC Dep. Entrusted Inspector
2011 : NHS Supply Chain Verification Framwork Agreement of Quality Control Process
2011 :  TNFMS:Tesco Non-Food Manufacturing Standard Supplier Approval for IS non-food Sites Supplying the UK.
2011 : BSCI & MGB Factory Audit: Business Social Compliance Initiative; Quality & Social Audit by MGB 
2011 SQA Supplier GMP & Quality System Evaluation by SC Johnson; Score 4.0 Excellence
2011 Copacker Quality Program Verification; by Clorox-USA
2011 Carrefour-France:Social Audit Accredied; Overall Rating 100%  by SGS (Thailand)
2011 Carrefour-France:Technical Factory Audit; Average score 100%, Classification 'B'  by SGS (Thailand)
2012 BRC/IOP; Global Standard For Packaging & Packaging Materials; Accredited by SGS (Thailand)
2012 C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) Verification by Tectus LLC; Score 94.29%
2012 Tesco Values Awards 2012
2012 The Home Depot (THD) QSA-Quality System Assessment Verification; by Bureau Veritas (BV)
2012 The Home Depot (THD) SER- Social & Environmental Responsibility Standard Policy ; by Bureau Veritas (BV)
2012 The Home Depot (THD) C-TPAT Verification ; by Bureau Veritas (BV)
2012 Implement KAIZEN Program -(Bottom up Report Change to be Better)
              Consoultant with TPA (Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan)
2013 Implement 4-Pillar SMETA Audit Best Practice Guidance
2013 : Accredited 5s  Award Model 2012; by TPA (Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan)
2013 Implement Autonomous Maintenance (AM) Program
          Consoultant with TPA (Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan)
2013 BRC/IOP; Global Standard For Packaging & Packaging Materials 
             Incl. Aluminum Foil, Cling Film; Extend Scope Accredited by SGS (Thailand)
2013 Accredited An Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Security Management System;
             Participated of C-TPAT by Thai Customs 
2013 Walmart Supplier Award 2013
2013 Woolworths Ethical Audit (WEA) Policy; by SGS (Thailand) Score Rating 'Green' 
2013 Walmart Ehical Standard (ES) Score 'Green' Rating
2013 Walmart Supply Chain Security Program (SCS) Score 98% Rating Low Risk
2013 Walmart Factory Capability & Capacity Assessment (FCCA)  Score:  97.9%
2013 Supplier Qualification Program Assessment (SQP)
              by Intertek Rating Score 100%
2013 Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA)
              by Intertek Rating Score 100%
2013 Global Security Verification (GSV)
              by Intertek Rating Score 8%
2014 Implement the 'Happy Eight' Pragram
2014 BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials; Achieved Grade A (King Pac Industrial Co., Ltd.)
2014 BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials; Achieved Grade A (King Bag Co., Ltd.)
2014 : Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) Achieved-4 Pillar
2014 Supplier Qualification Program Achievement Award
2014 :  Workplace Condition Achievement Award
2014 :  European Supplier Award
2015 :  Participated The Federation of Thai Industries in Carbon Footprint Collaboration Project