Imagine the benefits of a plastic garbage bag, shopping bag, plastic container, or other disposable plastic products that when disposed of in a landfill site:

    • degrades harmlessly into the end products of carbon dioxide (CO2 ), water (H2O) and biomass (disappears)
    • helps reduce the build up of dangerous methane gases
    • saves tons of valuable landfill space
    • keeps you ahead of both environmental legislation and public opinion

TDPA™ Technology is used to manufacture products that are used in the plastics, packaging, composting and waste disposal industries by EPI licensees worldwide. Products manufactured using EPI’s licensed and patented processes will display EPI’s logo, indicating that all materials are fully degradable and/or compostable by photo/chemical/thermal processes in landfills and compost sites.
In the case of litter, products produced using EPI’s TDPA™ Technology will also degrade through photochemical processes in the environment. EPI’s TDPA™ Technology makes it possible for everyone, from the individual consumer to large corporations, to use plastics designed for short-term use with a clear conscience.

Plastic products manufactured with EPI’s TDPA Technology progressively degrade to lower and lower molecular weights, become brittle, disintegrate, and are ultimately digested by micro-organisms back to the basic elements of carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2 O), and biomass with no harmful residues. TDPA Technology can control the degradation rates of plastic from as short as a few weeks to months or years, subject to a variety of environmental conditions. EPI’s TDPA Technology does not affect bacteria, fungi or earthworms and leaves no toxic by-products.